Rescue worker in Manigod.


After discovering last week the job of a groomer, this week we tell you more about the Manigod ski patrols! Through Mathilde's chairlift discussions on our Facebook page, we got to know Max, a ski patroller in Manigod for 4 years now. 

Max is 27 years old and has been working as a ski patrolman in Manigod for four years now, "a lovely area in the Aravis where it's good to live and work". 
The creation of the Manigod resort dates back to 1966, with the construction of the first chairlift at the Croix Fry pass. Then, in July 2012, the Labellemontagne group moved to the site. This year we are celebrating their 10th anniversary! Surprises await you on the weekend of March 18th.
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The job of the first-aid worker 

"The job of a rescue worker is quite varied, we do several different tasks depending on the time of day."

In the morning, when the slopes open, the ski patrols check the work done during the night by the snow groomers. They make sure that there is no danger to skiers on the piste. They may also have to put up signs on the slopes, such as "slow down", to make life easier for skiers and ensure their safety. 
Then, during the opening of the slopes, the ski patrols remain on the alert for potential rescue operations. 
After the slopes have closed, they are again on duty to ensure the safety of the skiers and groomers by checking that no one is left on the slopes so that the groomers can leave safely to prepare the slopes for the next day. 
In addition to all these activities, the ski patrollers have a role of advice for the skiers throughout the day. 
In Manigod, our ski patrollers shared their world during the school holidays this year, during the ski patrol activity for a day. This morning of discovery, before the opening of the slopes, allowed many people to discover the world of the ski patrols.  

Rescue worker in Manigod.

In Manigod there are 6 lifeguards and a first aid post. The first-aid attendants are spread throughout the resort. During weekends and school holidays, 5 ski patrols are present on the ski area, the rest of the time, 4 ski patrols ensure safety on the Manigod ski area.  
The Manigod ski patrols do not have a defined sector, although as Max tells us "we all have our little preference, each one has his own sector that he likes a little more". 
The first-aid workers of Manigod evolve between the sector of the cross Fry and Merdassier. 

How do you become a rescue worker?

There are now several ways to become a first aider. There are schools that prepare you to become a first aider.
Max passed a technical test. This is a ski level to be able to start training as a first aider. You also need your PSE1 and PSE2, the rescue levels required in France. Finally: 6 weeks of training with an organisation completes the process and allows you to validate the first degree first-aid attendant diploma.
Now you know more about the first aid profession. 
"Take pleasure in skiing but keep in mind that you are not alone on the ski area, there are many people and you must always keep the good safety gestures and take pleasure without putting yourself in danger.
As you have seen, this year the ski patrollers have proposed several activities (hot apple juice from the ski patrollers, ski patroller for a day), see you next year to see what they have in store for us!