10 good reasons to come to Manigod


There are of course more than 10, we wanted to offer you an exhaustive list!

1. Because Manigod is a real little paradise! It won't take you long to convince yourself of it… Summer and winter, we have everything to please you.

2. Because it is a charming family resort! It’s well known that everything small is cute… and we are the cutest of the Aravis.

3. Because between the village and its traditional chalets, the Croix Fry pass and the magnificent viewpoints of the Beauregard plateau, Merdassier and its shopping center, you will inevitably find a place made for you.

4. Because our local products are exceptional: Reblochon, Mondeuse, Crozets, Chevrotin, Manigodine… There is something to satisfy all taste buds. Yum !

5. Because there is only here that you can hurtle down the slopes on a paret, like the children of old, or ski under the stars on the largest night ski area of ​​Savoie Mont Blanc.

6. Because it is an ideal playground for sportsmen of all stripes. Whether you like skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, hiking, trail running, mountain biking… You will inevitably find something to spend in Manigod!

7. Because our entertainment team bend over backwards to keep you entertained. Illuminations, treasure hunts, sports competitions or major events, there is always something to do in Manigod.

8. Because we have amazing spots for your selfies. Whether at the top of the peaks, near a picturesque chapel or at the foot of the Nant Burgeat waterfall, you have the best vacation photos.

9. Because our tourism professionals are exceptional and look forward to welcoming you with a smile.

10. Because the surroundings of Manigod are full of treasures to discover.

And then because between us ... you have always dreamed of coming to see us!