Summer and Winter Trail Course


Manigod, village trail!

Novices or professionals can now discover the valley differently in summer as well as in winter.

  • Trail in summer - © Esprits Outdoor

Are you experienced or new to trail running? Whatever, there is something for all levels in Manigod!

Discover a trail territory where fun is everywhere, from dry climbs to gentler slopes. At every turn, you will be blown away by the beauty of our varied landscapes. And the trail in Manigod is practiced in summer, but also in winter.

You can download the details of our marked trails and their level of difficulty here
Also, this flyer is available to you in the information points.

Starting from Croix Fry, two 10 km and 20 km routes are signposted.
From Merdassier, climbers can tackle the vertical kilometer, on the slope of Pointe de Merdassier, for leisure or in competition during the Aravis Sky Pursuit (2.9 km for 1,000 m of elevation gain).

The Aravis Sky Pursuit and the Manigod KV are organized by the Association "TRAILERS DES ARAVIS"

This association aims to share the passion for trail running, the Aravis mountains and nature. Some rules of conduct set by the founders show the spirit that drives it: respect nature, appreciate the places crossed, provide assistance to competitors in difficulty, greet volunteers and residents.

The Aravis Sky Pursuit

100% trails, 0% asphalt, 100% nature await runners. Participants will discover the Aravis chain, the Mont Blanc chain, the Etale massif, the Mandallaz massif, the Manigod needle, the magnificent Passet pass, the Charvin massif and the foothills of the Pointe d 'Orsière and Sulens.
This year, book the weekend of September 11 to participate!

5 options to choose from:
The Aravis Sky Pursuit Solo formula: the trailers face the Manigod KV (2917m for 1000m of D +) on Saturday and the Skyrun of Passet (20km for 2000m of D +) on Sunday.
The Aravis Sky Pursuit Duo formula: in teams of two, a trailer runs the KV de Manigod (2917m for 1000m of D +) on Saturday and passes the baton to his teammate for the Skyrun du Passet (20km for 2000m of D +) on Sunday .
The Manigod KV only: for climbers in love with vertical drop, it is possible to run only the vertical kilometer on Saturday (2917m for 1000m of D +).
The Skyrun du Passet only: a 20km for 2000m D +, but above all a grandiose circuit where you run while admiring the mountains of the region.
The Dahu Trail (10km for 350m D +): for trailers and hikers. The opportunity to discover the trail and find the Dahu!

The Manigod KV

This race keeps its drop of 1000m and goes below the 3km mark (2.92km). The race thus joins the closed circle of the shortest vertical kilometers in France. The best in the discipline will make the trip to test this new route. Why not you ?
Sticks allowed.

Highlight: this route offers you a magnificent panorama over the Manigod valley, Mont Charvin, Etale and the Beauregard plateau, the Aravis range and Mont Blanc on arrival.
Entertainment: Large country buffet at the end of the race.

2015 men's record: Jean François Philipot in 35'21
2012 female record: Christel Dewalle in 39'51

A small preview ?

Note: the southern chain of the Aravis can be crossed entirely, combes and ridges, but you need to be an expert or accompanied to cross it safely.

  • Trail in summer - © M. Sauvage

But the trail in Manigod is also a marked 7km trail on snow from the Col de la Croix Fry!
It is the first marked trail in the Aravis, representing a loop on the Plateau de Beauregard. A big thank you to our volunteers who tag it every year.

Did you know ?

A snow trail competition takes place every year in Manigod. It is called the White Eagle Trail. It is organized by the Manigod Sports Club.

Now you have no more excuses, test the white trail, good cardio in Nordic version in a dream setting!
This feeling of freedom punctuated by the screeching of snow under the sneakers will invade you.
Be careful, an effort on snow is very different from asphalt. So let's take it easy on the distances at the start and your bakets must have a good grip.

  • White Eagle Trail - © Pierrick Aubert
  • White Eagle Trail - © Pierrick Aubert