Saveurs des Aravis


The Aravis, a massif to savor!
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A concentrate of life and energy are at the heart of the rural center of excellence which was carried by the farmers of the valley, the Community of Communes of the Valleys of Thones and all the local players to give birth to the Saveurs brand. of the Aravis.
How is Saveurs des Aravis characterized?
By the men and women of the Aravis massif who mobilize to enhance a territory and highlight the local products that characterize it. Through an art of living and consuming that brings together know-how in a network of service providers affiliated with the approach (farmers, refiners, restaurateurs and traders).

On the farm, on the tables or on the stalls, products stamped Saveurs des Aravis guarantee you origin and quality!

Live the network experience ...
Through the Climb to the pastures, the farms of the Aravis massif open their ascent to the pastures to the general public.
Taking place only once a year, this day is a real move: the farmers, their herds and the whole family leave the farm below to live for 5 months in the alpine chalet ...
To find out more, visit the Saveurs des Aravis website.

Enjoy the flagship products of Saveurs des Aravis:
* A.O.P reblochon

Reblochon de Savoie is a cheese made from cow's milk, whose origin dates back to the 13th century in the Thônes valley.
In spring and summer, the cows in the alpine pastures graze the grass rich in mountain flowers.
All year long, enjoy this cheese with aromas of cream and hay.

* The A.O.P abundance

The origin of the Abondance manufacturing secrets comes from the monks in the 12th century. This cheese made from raw or whole cow's milk comes in the form of a wheel and weighs between 6 and 12 kg. Abondance reveals a nutty taste and a supple and melting paste resulting from the know-how.

* The biscantine

A fragrant cider that is drunk chilled and works wonders with pancakes, pies and cakes!

* The buckshot A.O.P

The goats lived alongside the cows on the farms. The excess milk was turned into cheese. Chevrotin is made in a similar fashion to reblochon: it is an uncooked pressed cheese. Each farm processes the milk of its herd by hand to obtain this goat cheese.

* Farmhouse tommes

There are as many varieties of tomme as there are farms in the Aravis! There is something for all tastes ... under a gray and well-flowered crust, you will taste a dough rich in flavors that will revive your taste buds

  • Emmontagnée - © M. Sauvage
  • Emmontagnée - © M. Sauvage

Manigod members of the Saveurs des Aravis charter:
Paccard Alexandre and Aurore, GAEC la Tête de l'Aulp: farmer's reblochon, farmer's tomme
Veyrat and Milan family, GAEC Les Prunelles: farmer reblochon, farmer tomme
Burgat Charvillon Murielle et Guillaume, GAEC La Ferme des 4 Seullis: farmer's reblochon, farmer's tomme, farmer's Savoie raclette, p'tit seullis
Avettand Yvette and Samuel, GAEC l'Aulp de Fier: farmer's reblochon, farmer's tomme, chevrotin, Christmas parsley
Sonnier Solange and Fabien: farmer reblochon, farmer tomme, manigodin
Sarl Paccard Joseph: all Aravis cheeses
Auberge de Plan Bois: traditional cuisine
La table de Marie-Ange: Gault and Millau gourmet cuisine
La Vieille Ferme: traditional cuisine and Savoy specialties
Les Sapins: refined cuisine and Savoyard specialties
Trade :
Flavors and terroir: regional products

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  • Saveurs des Aravis - © M. Sauvage