Manigodin expressions: in the skin of a manigodin


Adieu à vous ! Don't worry, we won't say goodbye to you as soon as you arrive, on the contrary we wish you a nice day. Welcome to the Yaute! The what? The Haute-Savoie.
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When you are in Manigod, if you dream of speaking Manigodin, here is a little guide to local expressions. We'll give you some tips on how to slip into the skin of a local during your stay in Manigod! Then it's up to you to discover the others for yourself...
A short introduction...

Lesson 1: End your questions with "ou bien": "On fait les diots au vin blanc ou bien ? ("Do we make diots with white wine or else?)
Lesson 2: Don't pronounce the "az" at the end of a word and above all never pronounce the "z": don't say La Giettaz but La Giett, le col de Forclaz but le col de Forcla.
Some things you should know: 
A'rvi pâ: goodbye
Adieu: good morning
La Yaute: the Haute-Savoie
L'aulp: the mountain pasture
Vint diou, vinzou: thin
A mazot: a small chalet
A monchu : a tourist
Tartifle: potato 
It's up to you! 
« Adieu à vous, passez y une bonne journée ou bien ! N’oubliez pas de découvrir les jolis mazots et l’Aulp au détour d’une promenade dans la Yaute. Si vous faites une tartiflette, choisissez de bonnes tartifles qui donneront un goût fondant à ce plat typique. A’rvi pâ ! »
So you got it? 

A'rvi pâ, goodbye and see you soon in the Yaute! Now you are ready to have a conversation with a manigodin