A AOP terroir


AOP an Official Sign of Quality and Origin!

  • AOP Manigod - © Office de Tourisme de Manigod

AOP guarantees the consumer that all stages of production take place in the geographical area defined by the appellation, from the production of milk to the ripening of the cheeses. It is therefore recognized know-how in the same geographical area.
The notion of terroir is the main basis of Appellations of Origin, this is where the originality and typicality of the product lie. Natural and human factors are linked. The resulting product cannot be reproduced outside its region.

Created in 1992, this sign protects throughout the European Union and has now replaced the AOC since 2009, even if the latter remains an essential prerequisite for obtaining the AOP.

Do you want to taste these flavors that you will not find anywhere else and which make the excellence of our cheeses?

In Manigod, we have several cheeses from this PDO appellation:
The Chevrotin,
La Manigodine.

We invite you to come to our farms, to the Paccard ripening cellars, to the village bakery or to Saveurs et Terroirs (local store of local products), in order to leave with a good cheese from our PDO zone!


Manigodine is made ONLY in the Manigod Valley.
We named it in honor of the women who usually make cheese on the farm.
Bring some home to enjoy it and share it with friends or family!

In France, there are 45 cheeses, 3 butters and 2 creams with a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and nearly 280 in Europe.
Dairy AOPs are:
The guarantee of origin,
The economy of territories,
Naturalness and transparency,
Innovation and training,
The preservation of know-how and the environment,
The diversity of flavors.

In short, AOC = AOP:
Controlled Designation of Origin: C as Controlled by INAO,
Protected Designation of Origin: P as Protected by the European Union,
-> The PDO can only be issued by a double check of these two authorities.
  • Manigodine - © M. Sauvage