Sustainable Tourism

Let's adopt eco-friendly practices

Manigod is a preserved and respected nature! Help us protect it by:
Do not leave your waste / cigarette ends in nature,
Sorting your waste,
Staying on the marked trails, the ecosystem is fragile, you could disturb it, Preferring showers to baths,
Letting the hotel staff know that you do not need to change sheets or towels daily,
Buying local and seasonal products

Find below the economic players in the Manigod territory committed to sustainable development:

The ski lifts Labellemontagne

Quality certifications ISO 9001 (quality management system) and OHSAS 18001 (safety reference in the company).

Sustainable development
Study carried out and analysis of significant environmental impacts.
As part of recent work (TSF Cabeau and Neige de Culture), environmental studies were carried out by a consulting firm, aimed at minimizing the effects on the environment or compensating for them. These studies have made it possible to carry out preventive actions, such as the mowing of sanguisorbe in spring, the host plant of a butterfly (the azure of the sanguisorbe) so that it does not come to reproduce in the construction sector. .
We have also delimited non-ski areas, and set up an associated information system for customers, to protect areas likely to accommodate the Grouse.

PMR access
Installation of PMR toilets from the TSF Cabeau
Taking account of accessibility to PRMs when designing the TSF Cabeau
Reception of handiski chairs on several ski lifts
Rate adapted for people recognized with a disability (50% discount, and free for an accompanying person if necessary)
Participation in the Manigod star

Manigod Town Hall

Sustainable development

Lights off in the village from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m.
Use of environmental paper
Paper / plastic / glass sorting

PMR access
Steps in favor of people with reduced mobility have been taken:
Implementation of an ADAP (programmed accessibility agenda)
Work carried out concerning the upgrading of sanitary accessibility to the main town + to the village hall.
This year, accessibility works are planned at St Pierre + Church for tourism and town hall information points
An elevator has been installed in the city hall

Hotels and Restaurants

Top Marmotte
Sustainable development
Sorting of waste
Hygiene products that respect the environment
Grouping of orders from suppliers in order to limit greenhouse gases

Les Sapins
Tourism Quality Brand
Sustainable development
The hotel classification imposes an approach directed towards the environment
PMR access
Access to people with reduced mobility or visually impaired people
Establishment validated accessibility

La Vieille Ferme
Sustainable development

Member of Saveurs des Aravis
PMR access
The restaurant is accessible for people with reduced mobility

Sports shops

Manigod Ski Ride
PMR access

Access for people with reduced mobility
Sustainable development
Wax product + ecological shoe and helmet disinfectant
Destruction of rental equipment by "Tri-Vallée"

Veyrat Sports
Sustainable development

Use of disinfectant, material cleaner, wax, BIO
For the health of the staff and ourselves, the lighting of the store as well as the windows are low consumption products.
PMR access
Since 2001: handicapped ramp for access to the store, with automatic door which has a width designed for people with reduced mobility

Val Sports

Store belonging to the association of sports professionals which has recently been called "Union Sports et Cycles":
It aims to establish quality standards and have them respected by its members.
For example, it is the source of the standard for adjusting ski bindings ISO 11088.
Also, since last year the NF X50-007 standard. Compliance with the standard by the lessor guarantees the consumer a high level of service, both from the point of view of reception and advice, as well as the choice, quality and safety of the equipment offered.
Sustainable development
Sorting of waste. We use the cardboard cabin for cardboard reprocessing and we have set up various collection points in the shops for recyclable waste (paper, glass, plastic).
In order for all the staff to be informed and involved, we visited the Excoffier sorting center in Villy le Pelloux.
Regarding the reprocessing of ski products (skis, ski boots, poles, etc.) we use the services of the company Tri-Vallée, specialized in the ski industry: - recovery / skis-recycling. We recycle all of our broken or end-of-life products as well as products collected from our customers.
PMR access
In 2017, we had the files concerning the Ad'AP procedure and the accessibility of ERP approved by the prefecture.
The implementation of the necessary modifications and works should take place during 2018.

Rental Agency Séjour Montagnes Solutions

Sustainable development
Paper sorting
Cartridge recycling

Paccard maturing cellars

Sustainable development
By the very essence of our activity, by the choice of our supplies as well as by our outlets, we are in the midst of sustainable development:
- Support for the local economy and particularly for local agriculture by maintaining small agricultural farm structures in the mountains. 95% of our merchandise purchases come from more than 40 farms located in 74 and 73, in mountain areas> 700 m above sea level and / or practicing mountain pastures, of which> 75% come from the CCVT.
- Support for maintaining local employment that cannot be relocated by our "consumption" of local labor: jobs of 13 TP per year + 2 TNS managers including 11 CCVT nationals and including 7 inhabitants of Manigod
- Support for employment with product supply for more than 95% of our volumes from traditional trade (= artisanal structures providing employment)
- Local supply for our main supplies other than cheese: cardboard packaging from a cardboard factory based in Cran-Gevrier, wooden box packaging from a sawmill in Petit Bornand, false bottoms (wooden plaques affixed to each reblochon) from '' a sawmill in St Pierre en Fcy, ripening board at a sawmill in Bonneville from BQS wood, packaging (reblochon folds + buckshot + cheese labels) mainly from DIGITAL PRINT, marketing tools: produced by DIGITAL PRINT + WISBEE
- Distribution of our cheeses with a significant local presence with a strong short-circuit anchoring: 50% of our sales are made within a radius of 200 km
- We are also involved in setting up the future local supply platform, the project of which should be completed this fall in the Annecy basin.
- Awareness of the transmission of know-how through the employment of apprentices, regular reception of trainees, cheese makers in training ...