The joyful theater group "Les Margotins


A long theatrical tradition in Manigod

  • Photo theater - © Office de Tourisme de Manigod
The theater began in the 1950s. The performances took place in the old town hall-school in the center of the village, with only men on stage. Gradually the women also put on their own play. Each performance then included two plays: one played by the men and the other by the women.
  • Photo theater - © Office de Tourisme de Manigod
  • Photo theater - © Office de Tourisme de Manigod
In 1960, the parish choir took up the torch to finance the construction of the present village hall. The performances then included a drama, a comedy and songs. 
In 1964 it was the first time that a single large play was performed. Women were then integrated into the troupe. The performances took place systematically on Easter weekend. The troupe was packed every time, and moved regularly to Alby sur Chéran, playing for the benefit of associations. 
But in 1976, the theater stopped. 
In order to perpetuate the tradition, some of the theater's former members launched an appeal and a new troupe was created in 1990, totally independent from the choir. Then was born the association "Les Margotins". The adventure is launched. 
At the beginning, two short plays are interpreted then a single comedy takes place in April. The team grew. The faithful and ever-increasing public forced the troupe to increase the number of performances. From then on, five evenings were necessary to welcome spectators from all over the valley and even beyond. The theater has become an unmissable event. 
Currently the association has about thirty members.
The Margotins are proud to welcome every year the Petits Molières, supervised by the director of the village school, Laurent Lancea. The next generation is assured! 
The Margotins combine the pleasure of being on stage and playing for a good cause.
The troupe regularly makes donations to various associations that help sick children, people with disabilities, and the children of Manigod to help finance their activities...
  • Photo theater - © Office de Tourisme de Manigod
  • Photo theater - © Office de Tourisme de Manigod
And in November 2018, it was a first: participation in the Poisy festival in front of a full house and an audience conquered by the Margotins' humor. 
In April 2020, the Margotins were to celebrate their 30th anniversary, and present their creation: "Hors Série!", a show 100% Margotins, entirely written and directed by the members of the troupe. A play full of surprises! 
But then COVID came along, and everything came to a sudden halt, three weeks before the opening night. Since then, the theater has been put on hold, but the Margotins keep the hope to get back on stage as soon as possible, and share great laughs with their faithful audience.
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A word from the president

Theater is above all a team effort, with newcomers and departures...
Everything starts with the choice of the play, depending, among other things, on the commitment of the actors, the rehearsals (which end late), the moments of "fed up", of stress, until the evening of the premiere which approaches... and we say to ourselves that we will never be ready... and a demanding president...
Everything is normal when you want to do well and, of course, everything is held together with laughter, good humor, complicity, a glass of white wine to evacuate stage fright (especially before going on stage), snacks, and this spirit of "big family" where everyone is ready to help the other, where everyone gives their all to make the show a success!