Savoie Cake


Savoie Cake

  • Savoie Cake - © M. Sauvage

Chef Emmanuel Pessey of Restaurant Les Sapins reveals the recipe for the famous Savoie cake

The cake or biscuit of Savoy is a cake of Savoyard origin, made in the 14th century for Count Amédé VI of Savoy who received the Emperor.

It's a cake for about 6 people

  • Chef Emmanuel Pessey - © M. Sauvage

List of ingredients

120 g egg yolks
95 g of caster sugar
142g egg whites
67 g of T45 flour
67 g of potato starch
1 lemon
100 g butter
50 g sugar


Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 30 minutes

Preheat your oven to 165 degrees.
Start by buttering your Savoie cake pan with melted butter, using a brush (other molds can be used).
Divide the sugar into 3 portions. In a bowl, mix the egg yolk with the first weight of sugar. Mix vigorously with a whisk.
Take the mold again and apply the second layer of butter. Be careful not to have a pile of butter.
Add a large quantity of sugar to the mold (excluding the portion of ingredients). Scatter the sugar all over the place, turn the mold and remove all the sugar so that only the film remains.
Whip the egg whites. Add them to the mixer bowl, then add the sugar (divided into 3 portions beforehand) in 3 steps:
- once the whites are sparkling, add the sugar
- after 30 seconds add the sugar
- once the whites have been mounted, add the last tier
The whites should not be too stiff, but should remain creamy
Take your salad bowl with the first mixture, then incorporate a small part of the egg whites delicately in the marinade. Once mixed, incorporate the rest of the whites.
Stir in the cornstarch and flour into the mixture, sifting them. Gently mix with the marise by going to seek the material in the bottom.

Take your fresh lemon. Extract only the top film with a grater and integrate it into the mixture. Do not add the white of the lemon or lemon juice.

Collect your mold and evenly arrange the layer of biscuit.
Bake for 30 minutes in your hot oven.
Unmould and sprinkle with icing sugar.
Decorate it to your wishes

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