Regional specialties, the Tartiflette


Friendly, reminiscent of long winter evenings in mountain resorts, tartiflette is a Savoyard dish designed in the glory of Reblochon.
  • 	Tartiflette - © Tilby Vattard

After a good day of skiing or hiking, we put on some pounds!

This kind of gratin consists of slices of potatoes, seared bacon and sliced ​​onions sweated, white wine (preferably an Apremont wine), all arranged in a dish, topped with reblochon and cream. fresh, then au gratin.

Behind its “traditional” appearance, the tartiflette hides a recipe developed in the 1980s by the Syndicat Interprofessionnel du Reblochon to boost sales of this cheese.

This modern gratin is inspired by a dish, it really traditional, the "péla": potatoes, boiled and peeled, cut into slices and cooked under cheese in a pan with a very long handle. called péla (“shovel” in Savoyard Arpitan).
A variety of small grenaille-type potatoes, called tartifle in Haute Savoie, is believed to be the origin of the name of this dish.

1 kg of potatoes
1 well-made reblochon
20 cl of fresh cream
150 g smoked bacon
200 g onions
20 cl white wine

Cook the potatoes in water for 20 minutes, then peel them. At the same time, brown the bacon in a non-oiled pan. As soon as the bacon turns pink, add the peeled and sliced ​​onions and cook over medium heat. Once the onions have softened, pour in the white wine and turn up the heat so that it evaporates. Mix, then lower the heat. Add the crème fraîche, salt and pepper and mix again. Simmer 5 to 6 minutes. Pour the sauce over the potatoes and mix everything well. Cut the reblochon in half lengthwise. Place it on top of the dish so as to cover the maximum surface area by putting the skin of the reblochon upwards so that it melts on the potatoes. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 ° C for 30 minutes. Serve with a green salad. Variant Replace the potatoes with crozets previously cooked for 15 minutes in boiling water. You will not be disappointed !
  • 	Tartiflette - © F. Cavazzana