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  • 	Raclette party - © M. Sauvage

The guerrillas have long existed between the raclette team and the fondue team! We are pacifists, we love everything as long as there is cheese! So why not let yourself be tempted by a good raclette, with some cheese from our mountains !?

Raclette, common to Savoie and Franche-Comté, designates both the specialty and the cheese ("raclette") which is devoted to it.
This one, made from raw cow's milk, uncooked pressed paste, is round in shape, coated with a smooth orange-colored rind. Its refining lasts at least 12 weeks and beyond.
Its supple, ivory-yellow dough, once melted, is the best ally, on a bed of potatoes and cold meats, accompanied by a little green with the salad!

“Roasted cheese” was invented in the Middle Ages by Valais (Switzerland) shepherds taking their herds of cows to graze. The simple principle was to melt half a wheel of cheese in front of a wood fire. It was not until the early 20th century that the word "raclette" appeared, referring to the action of scraping the melted surface of the cheese and placing it on the potatoes on the plate. In the years 1955-1965, electrical devices to heat cheese will appear. They will be modernized in the 70s, equipped with individual pans.

  • 	Raclette party - © M. Sauvage
  • 	Raclette party - © M. Sauvage

1.2 kilo of raclette cheese (about 200 g per person)
2 kilos of potatoes (about 200 g per person)
6 slices of mountain ham
6 slices of white ham
6 slices of rosette sausage
150 g of pickles
A nice green salad
Cheeses to be found at the Manigod farms and at the Paccard maturing cellars

Procedure Wash the potatoes and boil them with their skins in a large pot of salted water. Arrange the cold cuts in a dish and refrigerate. Cut the cheese into slices about 5 millimeters thick. Arrange the cooked potatoes on another dish. Enjoy by melting the cheese on a raclette grill. Serve with a cool dry white wine or a good red wine from our region such as Mondeuse To taaaaaable!
  • 	Raclette party - © M. Sauvage