Regional specialties, Fondue


This convivial dish, the most nourishing, the most comforting on cold winter evenings, puts everyone in a good mood!

  • Fondue - © Clément Hudry
It's 5 pm, back to the chalet after a great day carving turns, you decide to end the day in style with a warm fondue! But first, let's go back to its origins. Whether Savoyards like it, fondue is indeed a delicacy that we owe to our Swiss friends and more specifically from the canton of Friborg. At the beginning of the 18th century, the peasants of the Fribourgeoise Alps reused the leftover cheese and stale bread from their previous meals. Economical and very nutritious, the recipe quickly spread to the rest of the country. Fondue has become this mountain dish adopted by Savoy. In the past, it was traditionally eaten in autumn and winter, when the herds came down from the pastures and shepherds and owners met. The officialization of the recipe It was Brillat-Savarin, a French gastronome, who wrote in 1794 the first recipe based on egg and butter Gruyère. Wine did not appear in the recipe until 1911. Practical, this recipe can be made with only one candle under the caquelon, the cheese does not freeze in the cold, so it is the ideal fondue to eat on the terrace. The so-called “Savoyard” fondue is made from three cheeses, not all Savoyard, but so good! From Comté, Emmental and Beaufort. Each region offers its own recipe, with cheeses and local specialties.
  • Fondue
  • Fondue
400 g Beaufort
400 g Savoyard Comté
200 g of reblochon
25g butter
35 cl of white wine from Savoie (apremont, roussette, crepy, chignin)
1 tbsp potato or cornstarch starch
Freshly ground pepper
1 large bread from the day before or the day before


Cut the bread into cubes and place them in a basket an hour in advance to dry well. Crust the cheeses and cut them into small cubes. Add the butter and heat over low heat. Gradually pour in the cheese cubes and the white wine, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon. At the end, sprinkle with cornstarch while continuing to stir. Season with a few turns of the pepper mill. Continue to turn until you have a perfectly smooth paste. Place on a lit stove. Prick the pieces of bread to dip them in the smooth and supple cheese paste.

To taaaaaable!
  • Fondue - © Clément Hudry
There are a variety of recipes for cooking in “fondue mode”. You can try the fondue with meat called Burgundy fondue, Bressane fondue, Chinese fondue, Japanese fondue, marinade fondue, ocean fondue, Vietnamese fondue.
But also the fondue vigneronne, fondue with red wine, and even the chocolate fondue!

Finally, fondue is a bit of a state of mind!
So don't hesitate to vary the pleasures and cheeses, go beyond traditions and invent your own fondue recipe!