Privatization of the ski area


Ski slopes for you only!

Looking for a unifying corporate event? From an unusual romantic statement? Or an experience to share with your tribe? Manigod is launching night skiing in EXCLUSIVE mode.

Outside of official opening hours, skiers can privatize one track, or even the entire night ski area. "Ma Piste à Moi" offers you the possibility of being just you on a ski lift, a chairlift or even the entire night ski area in order to enjoy an unforgettable evening skiing under the stars of Manigod! (Excluding periods of opening to the public). Skiing in the dark on your own piste is a unique experience!


A ski lift, the Blanchot blue run: from € 295 (Reservations possible every evening, including when open to the public)

A chairlift: 1990 €

The entire night area: € 4,500 (8 slopes and 4 ski lifts)

  • Privatization of the ski area - © Esprits Outdoor