A winter day in the rain, and yes it is rare but it can happen!


When you open the windows this morning, you notice that the sun has disappeared behind heavy grey clouds. A light rain is starting to fall and a glance at the forecast for the day confirms that it is not about to stop. How are you going to spend the day without getting too wet? Here are some ideas!

The church Saint Pierre

You could start by visiting Saint Pierre's Church. It's a good thing it's open every day. Built in baroque style, it houses a magnificent organ with 1372 pipes. It has two manuals and a full pedalboard and is adorned with a hand-carved walnut case in the Italian neo-baroque style. It's a great way to start the day. 
  •  - ©  ®TilbyVattard

The Polkadot workshop

Later in the morning, why not make an appointment to visit the Polkadot workshop, with Laurence André, to discover her ceramic workshop. With a big smile, she will plunge you into the world of her workshop and you will discover a small room with walls decorated with shelves filled with unique pieces. Vases, cups, plates painted in bright colours, it may be raining outside but the sunlight has remained captive in these glazed clay creations. Who knows, maybe you will even feel the urge to join one of the workshops she offers to create beautiful ceramic objects of your own.
  •  - © Office de Tourisme de Manigod

The maturing cellars 

Summer and winter alike, the ripening cellars maintain an ambient temperature, enough to comfort you on rainy days.
During a guided tour you will discover cheeses of all kinds and sizes resting on thick spruce boards, under the vigilant supervision of the ripeners who, from father to son, have developed their knowledge to allow them to reveal all their flavour with time. Abondance, Manigodine, Tomme de Savoie, Chevrotin, Raclette, Persillé de Tigne and of course the indisputable Reblochon... So many appetizing cheeses that you will discover during a tasting at the end of your visit. What a delight! 

Having tasted all these cheeses would almost make you want to go and have a closer look at the cows that give this good milk. And why not? Ferme de l'étale, ferme du crêt... You are spoilt for choice. 
  •  - © M. Sauvage
  •  - © M. Sauvage
It's already been a busy day, and what better way to end it than to relax in a hammam. At the Chalet des Sens or the AkwabaSpa, just make an appointment and you'll be in a real cocoon of well-being.  You could even be tempted by a massage.         
Finally, after all these discoveries, it would have been a pity if the weather had been fine.