Safety - Snow card

To practice safely alpine skiing, skiing, snowboarding .. individually, as a family or as a group, think of the snow card.
You can buy it directly from the ski school.
Consult the Chamonix Weather Report : + 33 (0)8 92 68 02 74

Rescue fees are available in french version : conditions et frais de secours

The Snow Card License is available in the 1200 FFS ski clubs, spread all over France as well as in all skischools in France. 
It is very simple to suscribe : contact the Manigod Sports Club or go to Ecole du Ski Français at Col de la Croix-Fry or Merdassier during your mountain holidays
You have the guarantee to ski insured.
Snow card :
Validity for one year from 15/10 to 14/10
- First help free on the slopes and freeride.
- Ski assistance assistance 24h / 24h, repatriation
- Refund of skipasses and skischool if accident

- Loan of skis if broken of personal skis

- Others guarantees (RC, medical expenses, defense recourse ....)

Valid worldwide.

The Carte Neige License is intended for both beginner and experienced skiers.
By suscribing :
1. Share good times
2. Take part to several animation organised by the Ski Club. 
3. Get information and equipment available in the Clubs
4. Geting a good supervision provided by our federal instructors to progress quickly and having fun.
5. Compete with others
6. Get to a better ski level
7. Support your favorite athletes
8. Be part to the developpment of club by becoming Officer, Judge, Controller, Timekeeper, Tracer
9. Become a ski coach or fédéral monitor.
10. Get many benefits offered by FFS Benefits Club partners.
Mountain rescue can be very expensive. the French Ski Federation advises all its members to take out insurance cover.
 Different option are proposed to meet the needs of each, at advantageous pricing conditions reserved for its licensees. These insurance options offer guarantees adapted to sports activities practiced in the mountains, winter and summer, in France and around the world.
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