Manigod Village Trail®

Manigod village trail®.

Let be seduced by this territory of trail. 

Discover a trail run territory with many slopes to ascend and to hurtle down.
At every corner you will be astound by the beautiful landscapes.

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Manigod Moon KV, Aravis Sky Pursuit and Mini-KV Kids are organized by the association "Les Trailers des Aravis".

This association aimed to transmit trail passion, Aravis moutains and nature. 

Some rules have to be respected : respecting of the nature, enjoying the natural areas, assiting victims, being gentle with volunteers and citizens.

Manigod village trail
®, it is 2 dates to remember : 

The Aravis Sky Pursuit - from 13/07/2019 to 14/07/2019

News runs are organising this year with 100% of nature along 100% paths and no roads!
Runners will discover Aravis mountain, Mont-Blanc mountain, Etale mountain, Mandallaz, summit of Manigod, col of Passet, Charvin mountain and summit Orsière and Sulens foothills. 

 Choice of 5 races : 

1. The Aravis Sky Pursuit - solo : runners will start the Manigod KV with around 2,917 kilometers for about 1000 metres of height gain on Saturday and the Passet Skyrun with around 20 kilometers for about 2000 metres of height gain on Sunday. 

2. The Aravis Sky Pursuit - duo : with team of 2 runners, the first relay runner start with the Manigod KV (2,917 km for about 1000 m of height gain) on Saturday and will pass the baton to the second relay runner, who will start the Passet Skyrun (20 km for about 2000 m of height gain) on Sunday. 

3. The Manigod KV : this race is perfect for people who prefer height gain. Runners will start only for the KV on Saturday (2,917 km for about 1000 m of height gain). 

4. The Passet Skyrun : runners will enjoy mountains and landscapes during this race with around 20 km for about 2000 m of height gain.

5. The Dahu trail is the new race for 2019  with around 10 km for about 350 m of height gain. This run is organising especially to runners and hikers. It will be the opportunity to discover the territory, the trail run and find the "Dahu"!

The Manigod KMV - 17/08/2019

The KMV is the new race for 2019.
The height gain will be the same (1000 metres) with around 2,92 kilometers. In this way the Manigod KMW become this year one of the shorters KV in France. The best runners will come and stand up to the others competitors. 
What about you?

Strength : this running offers nice views on the Manigod valley, Charvin mountain, Etale, plateau of Beauregard, Aravis mountains and the Mont-Blanc summit et the finish.

Animation : big rustic buffet after the run. 

Walking sticks are allowed.
  • Record 2015 man : Jean François Philipot in 35’21
  • Record 2012 woman : Christel Dewalle in 39’51
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